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Dryhill are Bi-Fold Door installation specialists covering Kent, Sussex, Surrey and the South East. Our team have the knowledge and skills to turn your concept into reality. Customer service is our number one priority and we aim to provide you with the best advice and a complete renovation and replacement service stretching beyond just the installation of doors or windows.



Professional, Insurance Backed Installation


Strength, Slim Sight Lines and More Glass


Aluminium is a very strong material and as a result can support more weight. When manufacturing products such as Bi-folds using aluminium the frame can be made thinner yet still have the strength needed to support the glass and other components. Slimmer frames means more glass, and more glass means more light is able to pass through it, creating a brighter living space.


Environmentally Friendly


Aluminium is an environmentally friendly material too. Recycling aluminium saves up to 95% of the energy needed to produce it from raw materials. And even when recycled continuously aluminium does not lose any of its quality or performance benefits.


Low Maintenance Material that Lasts


Through manufacturing, installation, and the rest of its lifetime, aluminium is a very low-maintenance material. It will not warp, rust or need painting, and it doesn’t suffer from expansion problems in heat or cold.


Thermal Efficiency & Highly Weathertight


Contrary to beliefs that aluminium is a ‘cold’ material and therefore does not insulate well, aluminium can actually be more thermally efficient than some PVCu systems. Bi-fold Network aluminium Bi-folds feature a thermal break that helps keep the cold from transferring from the outside of the frame to the inside. Combine this with high-specification energy efficient glass and you have a high performance door that will help keep a room warm and comfortable.

Dryhill Bi-fold Doors

Thermally Efficient

Finger Safe Gaskets

Elegant Low Profiles

Handles, Hinges & Security

If your chosen configuration (door style) has a traffic door then your doors can have a Lever-lever handle. These handles are functional and easy to use, allowing for quick and easy inside and outside access. They come with high security Superior locking cylinders and operate high security multi-point locking.

Glass Options

Standard Clear Toughened


Our standard double glazed units come supplied with toughened safety glass. These units are >90% argon gas filled come with a warm edge spacerbar (colours available) and a centre pane U- value of 1.2 W/M2K.


Toughened safety glass is high strength and when it breaks it doesn't splinter, it just crumbles into small granular chunks.

Laminated safety glass and even triple glazing can be specified.


Pilkington Active Neutral

Toughened safety glass is high strength and when it breaks it doesn't splinter, it just crumbles into small granular chunks.

Laminated safety glass and even triple glazing can be specified.


Pilkington Active Neutral

Saint Gobain Planitherm 4S is a clear sealed unit that will provide a huge improvement in thermal efficiency even compared to modern low-E glass. It has a centre pane U- value of just 1.0 W/M2K and will provide for year round comfort.


When it comes to glass you can have almost anything you want. The type of project will generally dictate what glass is required, however compliance with Building Regulations and personal preferences such as the level of security, privacy and thermal efficiency will also be considerations when making your decision.


Our standard glazed units are toughened safety glass, Low-E, soft coat, 90% argon gas filled sealed units, with a warm edge spacerbar (black, white and silver options) and a centre pane U-value of 1.2 W/M2K. Here are some examples of popular glass options including integral blinds.

Colour Ways

Our products are all finished with a hardwearing polyester powder coat paint which is built to last and is actually baked onto the aluminium. With a 10 year guarantee this finish is a very low maintenance solution.


Doors are available in standard white, our KL colour range, textured metallic colours, silver anodised and any of over 200 single or dual RAL colour finishes.


Dual colour can be provided where you can have different colours inside and out.


Please provide the colour code (i.e. RAL 7016) when quoting & ordering.

Over 10 Standard KL Colours

20 Trend Sensation Colours

More than 200 RAL Colours